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Film service
production house

Crossback Moondust

Limelite for StandardFilms Paris

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Empire Of The Sun - On Our Way Home (DS Music Video)

Production for Limelite
Client StandardFilms Paris

We are film service
production house

We offer: top-notch producers with local and international experience in TV commercial and feature film production; in-house casting studio with a divided database; and timesaving worry-free internal location management.



Director Tomas Schlagkamp
Production for Tabasco
Client Vodafone

Worldclass film service

Increased cost-efficiency, incredible locations, talented and experienced crew — that's why thousands of worldwide brands shoot their campaigns in the largest country in Europe. From mountains to the sea. From untouched nature to epic industrialism. From European beauty to post-soviet charm. Everything you want to realize is possible in Ukraine.

Wise split of responsibilities allows to structure the workflow carefully: bidding department consists of three bidding producers and two directors scouters, four independent production units (executive producer + line producer + assistant), in-house location department and casting department with the own database of over 9 thousand actors. We are able to shoot 4 projects at a time easily.

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